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Seven iOS Features to Leverage When Developing an iPhone App

Seven iOS Features to Leverage When Developing an iPhone App

Because iOS 8 is the biggest release for developers and app publishers since the App Store was introduced, here are seven considerations when developing an iPhone mobile app:

Feature #1: Bigger Screen Sizes Mean Think Bigger

At heights of 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, respectively, you’ve got a much larger canvas than previous iPhones for your mobile app to do its thing. So if your current iOS app was built for smaller, older iPhones, it’s time to open your eyes wider by using Auto-Layout so that your app is not being letterboxed. Thing bigger graphics that optimize animation, images or type.

Feature #2: More Pixels Than You’ve Ever Imagined
With a sizable bump in pixels for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus (1242 x 2208 pixels), you can leverage a much higher resolution and optimize your app graphics for more vibrant, more jaw-dropping colors.

Feature #3: Interactive Notifications and Widgets
This iOS 8 feature streamlines the process of sending and receiving interactive notifications without having to launch a corresponding iOS app. Plus, iOS developers can create custom interactive widgets in the Notification Center like the current default weather widget for enhanced interactivity.

Feature #4: Complete Tasks Across iOS Devices and Macs
These are two extremely convenient user experiential apps. Handoff lets you start a task on one iOS device like your smartphone, then complete it on your iPad, iMac, or Mac laptop for calls, emails, docs, maps, etc. Meanwhile, AirDrop lets you wirelessly transfer files between your iOS and Mac devices.

Feature #5: Inter-App Communications With Extensions
Have you ever wanted your app to interact with other apps––quickly, securely, and seamlessly? iOS 8 will let one app share data, user experiences, and more with other apps on the same device. App owners will be able to embed data from one app and transport it to another. Imagine what your users will be able to do!

Feature #6: Touch ID Authentication
If your new mobile app uses enhanced, personalized security, be aware that Touch ID’s fingerprint scanning capability can authenticate a user’s ID and log into an app without using a keyboard. With all of the hacking, phishing schemes and password thefts, this enhancement is especially welcome.

Feature #7: 4,000 Developer Kits
iOS8 offers developers more than 4,000 new APIs that can add stunning new features and capabilities to your apps, as well as enable new categories of apps and features, such as PhotoKit to let photo app users edit photos directly in their Camera Roll––without a need to import them; Camera API for more control over balance, focus and exposure; CloudKit to streamline Apple ID sign in; HomeKit to let Siri do stuff like turning on your TV, lights or CD player; and HealthKit for health and fitness apps to communicate with each other.

Finally, iOS 8 allows entrepreneurs and growing companies alike the ability to create experiences that are highly customized from using new keyboards and photo editing, to expanding document handling, to using more sharing options for content. You can really personalize and customize the user experience like never before.

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