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Are Entrepreneurs Mobile App Product Managers?

Are Entrepreneurs Mobile App Product Managers?

The answer to the headline is YES!

Blue Rocket receives hundreds of calls from entrepreneurs who have a mobile app idea that they want to create. The successful entrepreneur needs to think like a seasoned product manager. But a good product manager translates a consumer problem into a solution that then needs to be translated into a language that is understood and translated by a product creation team like Blue Rocket.

A savvy entrepreneur also has the wherewithal to direct and lead a product creation team. Otherwise, the entrepreneur needs to lean on that team to help fill the mobile app product manager’s duties.

The Mobile App Product Manager’s Role.
Specifically, a mobile app product manager’s role is planning the first and next release of software and bringing together all of the resources necessary to make sure it’s well built and successful in the marketplace. That’s because the mobile app product manager needs to translate vision and requirements in a way that a mobile app creation team can digest the details to build it quickly and at the highest quality.

When we talk to entrepreneurs who want to build an app, they always ask about technical development strategies. We tell them the biggest cause of failure in the marketplace is usually not technical issues but rather a lack of proper functional planning. We see app failure coming from whomever is playing the mobile app product manager’s role, yet not understanding the audience’s problem, how an app would solve that problem and how the target audience would use the app.

It’s the product manager’s responsibility to be intimate with the user’s problem, know how the user wants to use an app to solve the problem, and thus design the app to meet the user’s needs. The main tool that we expect to collaborate on with a mobile app product manager is called a Product Requirements Document (or PRD). Some people call this a design document, but it‘s really a blueprint for what is in or what is out of the app’s scope, which then helps the mobile app creation team to architect, design and develop it efficiently.

Wearing Multiple Hats.

Overall, the mobile app product manager wears a great many hats including:

  • Coordinating stakeholders and team members to collaborate on product creation.
  • Managing the definition of a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) strategy.
  • Creating the mobile app roadmap.
  • Monitoring competition to ensure a sustainable unique value proposition.
  • Overseeing the app’s development timetable and budget.
  • Supporting the designers and mobile engineers to remove blockers to development progress.
  • Creating product documentation with specifications and process flows.
  • Proactively alerting senior management of changes to timelines, scope or budget.
  • Supporting the sales team’s efforts to sell the product or app.

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